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‘Guild Wars 2’ adds NPC based on real-life hero

NME 14 Oct 2022
Developer ArenaNet has announced that Guild Wars 2 will be introducing a brand new story event featuring an NPC based on a real-life hero. READ MORE. A ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ sequel should learn from the success of ‘Edgerunners’ ... April Arellano. Credit ... In other news, Elden Ring dataminers have found potential DLC in the latest patch. .

‘PUBG’ creator says new project ‘Artemis’ will feature blockchain and NFTs

NME 28 Sep 2022
PUBG creator Brendan Greene has confirmed Artemis, the next project he’s working on, will feature NFTs, the metaverse and blockchain. READ MORE. If game publishers are excited about NFTs, we probably shouldn’t be ... Credit ... In other news, a recent datamine seems to hint towards the arrival of Mark Hamill’s Joker to MultiVersus as a game announcer. .

This Elden Ring art book is so big it comes in two separate 400-page volumes

Games Radar 04 Sep 2022
Now, however, a dataminer has been able to find a single line of dialogue that was seemingly later cut ... Hard to believe, I know, but did you catch the news that dataminers discovered that Elden Ring's most notorious boss, Malenia, used to be even more difficult to beat than she already is? ... Total sales of Elden Ring now stand at 16.6 million ... ....

Halo Infinite omnishambles: couch co-op cancelled and Season 3 delayed to 2023

Metro UK 01 Sep 2022
Forge mode is scheduled for some time in the same range, but it should be released earlier, as some fans have already managed to start using it thanks to hacks and datamines. The arguably even worse news, though, is that Season 3 will not now take place until March, with 343 planning a Winter Update in November to try and tide fans over ... Games news.

Marvel and Embracer looking to extend deal ‘beyond Avengers’ claims insider

Metro UK 29 Aug 2022
We’ll take a sequel to Guardians Of The Galaxy too, please (pic. Square Enix) ... The claim comes from Twitter user Miller, who has cultivated a reputation as an accurate leaker/dataminer for the Avengers game. He previously leaked news of the Jane Foster Thor and the Winter Solider being added as playable characters, before either were announced ... More.

Embracer Groups buys IP rights to ‘Lord Of the Rings’, Limited Run Games, Tripwire Interactive, ...

NME 18 Aug 2022
Embracer Group has made several purchases and acquisitions today (August 18), picking up the IP rights to The Lord Of the Rings and The Hobbit, as well as several game companies. READ MORE ... Credit ... In other gaming news, a dataminer has found files in the latest MultiVersus update that appear to be indicative of the iconic franchise The Matrix. .

‘Guild Wars 2’ is coming to Steam next week

NME 16 Aug 2022
ArenaNet has announced that Guild Wars 2 is coming to Steam, a decade after the game was first released. READ MORE. The Best Free Games available on Playstation, Xbox, PC, Switch and mobile in 2022 ... In other gaming news, MultiVersus dataminers have found evidence that suggests Beetlejuice and Wicked Witch will be added as fighters. .

PUBG Update 18.2 releases next week with the new map Deston

Games Radar 10 Jul 2022
PUGB Battlegrounds is ready to unveil its first new map since the battle royale went free-to-play (opens in new tab) at the beginning of the year. Deston ... One of the PUBG community's most prominent sources of news, datamines, and insider information recently revealed that developer Krafton was reportedly trying to shut them down (opens in new tab).

‘Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’ art suggests franchise will return to Steam

NME 30 May 2022
A brief appearance of Call Of Duty. Modern Warfare 2 artwork on Steam suggests that the upcoming shooter may mark the series’ return to Valve‘s storefront. READ MORE ... Infinite Warfare in 2016 ... In other gaming news, a PUBG. Battlegrounds dataminer has shared that developer Krafton reportedly sent a private investigator to their home. .

‘Warcraft 3: Reforged’ news coming in June says Blizzard boss

NME 30 May 2022
After years of silence, new information on Warcraft 3. Reforged will be announced sometime in June. READ MORE. HEALTH’s John Famiglietti on ‘Max Payne 3’, working with Reznor, and their dark upcoming album ... You'll hear from them soon (in June). — Mike Ybarra (@Qwik) May 28, 2022 ... The game Warcraft 3 ... In other news, someone has datamined Evil Dead ... .

‘Gotham Knights’ studio works with AbleGamers to make changes to Batgirl following feedback

NME 29 May 2022
WB Games Montréal has made changes to the backstory of Batgirl in Gotham Knights following criticism of her character arc that takes place before the game. READ MORE ... Gotham Knights. Credit. Warner Bros. Montreal ... In other news, a prolific PUBG. Battlegrounds dataminer has said that Krafton recently sent a private investigator to their home. .

PUBG dev allegedly targeting popular tipster over leaks, datamines

Games Radar 27 May 2022
PUBG developer Krafton is reportedly trying to shut down one of its community's most prominent sources of news, datamines, and insider information. Well-known dataminer PlayerIGN claims on Twitter (opens in new tab) that the developer sent a private investigator to their house to communicate several demands ... Deputy News Editor.

Capcom is “putting together plans” to bring back fan-favourite franchises

NME 23 May 2022
Capcom is considering the revival of some of its dormant franchises, depending on how much demand there is from fans. READ MORE. Quantum futures. Stephen Muray on embracing roleplaying, Blorg body pillows, and six years of ‘Stellaris’ ... In other news, a datamine suggests the likes of Gandalf, Godzilla, LeBron James and more are heading to MultiVersus. .

‘Rainbow Six Siege’ treats operators to a ‘Yakuza’ crossover

NME 23 May 2022
Ubisoft has revealed a line of Yakuza cosmetics planned for several Japanese operators in Rainbow Six Siege. READ MORE ... In other gaming news, a MultiVerse fan has datamined the fighting game’s potential launch roster – with characters like Godzilla, Gandalf and the Joker seemingly set to make an appearance. .

Elden Ring players vote for their favorite (and least favorite) everything in this revealing survey

Games Radar 16 May 2022
There are plenty more stats to soak up so pop over to see the full survey results, but I'll leave you with news that is unlikely to shock anyone ... That's right. Seven ... Did you catch the news that an Elden Ring dataminer has uncovered a series of messages in the game files that appear to reference a faction system which is not currently available? ... ....

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