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Steam is reportedly adding features to let you limit play time and hide games from ...

Games Radar 08 Nov 2023
If you want to hide certain games from your friends for less nefarious reasons, then this news should appeal to you. Last week though, the same SteamDB dataminer also claimed knowledge of several other features.

"We messed up": MMO dev rushes to walk back pay-to-win battle pass after explosive Runescape protests

Games Radar 08 Sep 2023
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Remnant 2 player finds a free way to reset your Traits: just spam the dodge button

Games Radar 01 Aug 2023
Remnant 2's rarest class was hidden in the game's code as a nod to dataminers ... He's been covering games (with occasional dalliances in the worlds of anime and pro wrestling) since 2015, first as a freelancer, then as a news writer at PCGamesN for nearly five years.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s iconic character joins Fortnite in new Terminator crossover event

Hindustan Times 29 Jul 2023
The news of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s iconic character coming to Fortnite was first revealed by some reliable dataminers such as Shiina, who apparently shared a screenshot of the skin. Fortnite’s official Twitter account confirmed the news shortly after, posting an image of the ...

Barbie’s pink Chevrolet is coming to ‘Forza Horizon 5’

NME 26 Jun 2023
Forza Horizon 5 is getting Barbie’s iconic pink Corvette from the upcoming Barbie movie. READ MORE. The best driving games on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X.S ... And see @BarbieTheMovie only in theaters July 21. ... Credit ... In other news, Escape From Tarkov banned and unbanned a streamer in a controversial move to curb datamining. .

Resident Evil 4 remake has a super clever shortcut that skips the village

Metro UK 27 Mar 2023
A nifty shortcut has been discovered in Resident Evil 4, while dataminers have found evidence of some potential DLC ... In related news, dataminers have found evidence in Resident Evil 4’s files of Separate Ways, the Ada Wong focused side story that was an extra in the PlayStation 2 version of the game.

Fortnite’s Latest Update Has Files for a First-Person Mode

Game Rant 31 Jan 2023
A dataminer has revealed that Fortnite may be receiving a first-person mode in the near future. The news comes after Fortnite received a new update across all platforms, revealing the possible new mode ... .

Marvel's Avengers Leaks More Evidence of 2 Unreleased Heroes

Game Rant 25 Jan 2023
Dataminers have found evidence of unreleased heroes in ...

Destiny 2 Dataminers Admit Claims About Potential Subscription Service Was a Joke

GamingBolt 03 Jan 2023
The Destiny 2 dataminers that claimed that the game “possible code” that would lead to it having a subscription plan has revealed that the claim was completely made up as a joke. The dataminers, Elliott and Bruders, have since posted an apology for the joke.

Destiny 2 dataminers reveal they faked plans for a premium subscription to "troll" players

Games Radar 03 Jan 2023
Destiny 2 dataminers have revealed that they faked plans for a premium subscription service to "troll" players ... Dataminers from the D2 Datamines Discord server (opens in new tab) revealed they'd found evidence that Bungie was planning to add a subscription service to Destiny 2 ... DTR never reported on this news because it seemed highly fake.

Elden Ring surpasses The Last of Us 2 as the most-awarded Game of the Year recipient

Games Radar 03 Jan 2023
Elden Ring could be lined up for similar success next year, if a recent datamine holds true. Gaming deals, prizes and latest news. Get the best gaming deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable gaming news and more!Contact me with news and offers from other Future ...

Destiny 2 dataminers admit to ‘trolling’ with fake subscription plans

Metro UK 02 Jan 2023
Rumours of subscription plans for Destiny 2 have been shut down by the very dataminers responsible for starting them ... DTR never reported on this news because it seemed highly fake ... While the news might be relieving to those who hated the idea of Destiny 2 getting subscription plans, this fiasco has likely harmed these dataminers’ reputation.

‘Guild Wars 2’ adds NPC based on real-life hero

NME 14 Oct 2022
Developer ArenaNet has announced that Guild Wars 2 will be introducing a brand new story event featuring an NPC based on a real-life hero. READ MORE. A ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ sequel should learn from the success of ‘Edgerunners’ ... April Arellano. Credit ... In other news, Elden Ring dataminers have found potential DLC in the latest patch. .

‘PUBG’ creator says new project ‘Artemis’ will feature blockchain and NFTs

NME 28 Sep 2022
PUBG creator Brendan Greene has confirmed Artemis, the next project he’s working on, will feature NFTs, the metaverse and blockchain. READ MORE. If game publishers are excited about NFTs, we probably shouldn’t be ... Credit ... In other news, a recent datamine seems to hint towards the arrival of Mark Hamill’s Joker to MultiVersus as a game announcer. .

This Elden Ring art book is so big it comes in two separate 400-page volumes

Games Radar 04 Sep 2022
Now, however, a dataminer has been able to find a single line of dialogue that was seemingly later cut ... Hard to believe, I know, but did you catch the news that dataminers discovered that Elden Ring's most notorious boss, Malenia, used to be even more difficult to beat than she already is? ... Total sales of Elden Ring now stand at 16.6 million ... ....

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